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X-Can / Torque Box Performance Exhaust

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The X-Can / Torque Box is a great upgrade for more torque and top speed.

This performance exhaust has a much larger port than the stock exhaust and has no restriction plates or baffles inside allowing the sound waves and exhaust to deliver more power!


Made in USA!
Huge power gains: You will notice power increases throughout the entire RPM range
Increased Speeds: Depending on your engine, scooter, weight, etc. you will see anywhere from a 4-7 mph increase in top speed
Increased RPM's: Depending on engine and mods you will see anywhere from 400-600 more RPM's
Material: 6061 Billet Aluminum
Sound: This exhaust is louder than stock
Warranty: Lifetime!

Boost Your Engine Speed With Our X-Can / Torque Box Performance Exhaust.

This exhaust will bolt on to any 43cc to 52cc 2-stroke chinese engine:

It will work on these known brand names: UberScoot/Evos, ScooterX, MotoTec, X-treme, Star 2, Boreem, G-scooter, Black Widow. Or just measure your mounting bolt hole spacing: 40mm or 1.578" center to center.