Countertop Faucet Water Filter System

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The Countertop Faucet Water Filter System Solution You Need!

304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel,
5-Stage Faucet Water Filter,
Long-Lasting Life, Reduces 99% of Chlorine,
Heavy Metals & Bad Taste.


  • The Countertop Faucet Water Filter System Adds minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium that benefits your health.



    Natural Mineralization Filter Material.

    4 types of mineral filter materials naturally add beneficial minerals in your drinking water without any chemical substance. Keep your filtered water fresh and safe.

    Long-lasting Life

    The service life of our countertop water filtration system can last up to 8,000 gallons. Replace a new filter once a year.

    On average, you'll spend 10¢ per day for the first year. You’ll pay less for the countertop faucet water filter replacement and your water quality will improve with each and every day.

                               Large capacity                    Large capacity


    Fast and Stable Water Flow

    1.6 GPM high stable water flow can meet your multiple daily use.

  • The system provides 1.6 GPM high stable water flow.
  • The service life can last up to 12 months or 8,000 gallons.

    • 1. Filter Housing
    • 2. Stainless-steel Base
    • 3. Filter
    • 4. Spout
    • 5. Mounting Base
    • 6. Wrench
    • 7. A3 Adapter (15/16-27)
          A5 Adapter (M18.5)

    Incompatible Type:
    • Less than 0.59"
    • External threads are >0.87" or <0.73"
    • Diameter of internal threads is >0.94" or <0.73"
    • Spray-style faucet
    • Irregular faucet
    • Faucet with interior aerator

    5-stage filtration system can effectively reduce contaminants commonly found in tap water such as colloid, sediment, chlorine.

    Switch to Get Purified Water

    Quick switch from regular tap water to quality filtered water.

    • The countertop faucet water filter system is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel with sleek brushed appearance, smudge-free and BPA-free guaranteed.
    • Countertop faucet water filter CTF-01 is simple to install and connects easily to most standard kitchen tap faucets

    Easy Installation

    Male threaded - 15/16" or M18.5.

    Female threaded - 55/64".

    Do not fit pull-out, hand-held, spray style faucets or faucets with sensor.

    Please verify your faucet type before the purchase.

    If your adapter model is not listed here, please contact our customer service team.


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    Model Number : WD-CTF-01
    Replacement Model Number : WD-CFF-01
    Rated Capacity : 12 months or 8,000 gallons
    Rated Flow : 1.6gpm/6lpm (tested under 60psi)
    Operating Temperature : 41-100°F /5-38‎°C
    Operating Working Pressure : 15-100psi/100-689Kpa

    Your purchase, your love

    At Waterdrop, we want to use Water4Smile as a platform to promote water stewardship and hopefully trigger wider industry action to make a change. We want first to achieve the vision of “Water for All.” - equal access to clean, safe and healthy drinking water for the whole society. Then raise awareness of sustainable uses of water. To reach this goal, we will continue putting effort and resources into our R&D division, and use innovation to bring fresh water that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.